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An occasional missed or early period is probably nothing to worry about. But cycles that are regularly longer or shorter than average, or are just generally unpredictable, might warrant medical attention. So too, do periods that are painful, heavy, light or are accompanied by symptoms of PMS.

Such irregularities are relatively common, and the cause is usually benign, but it is often a sign that something (probably something hormonal) is out of balance. It might surprise you to learn that these hormones are connected to much more than just your period. They can affect your mood, concentration, sleep, hair growth, energy, and ability to gain or lose weight. Treating the root cause can help to correct all of these symptoms.

Dr. Rachel VandenBerg is a naturopath with a focus on women’s health. She starts by listening to your concerns, and conducting a thorough assessment and health history to understand the underlying cause of your symptoms. If needed, she will requisition lab work to help with her analysis. She then provides you with a treatment plan, tailored to your individual needs and concerns. This plan may include acupuncture, herbs, dietary, or lifestyle changes, all aimed at helping you restore health and harmony.

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