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Coughs, colds, fevers and flus – they’re all part of the body’s natural ability to fight off unwanted germs and invaders. Naturopathic medicine offers remedies to help support this natural process.

Naturopathic care for coughs, colds, fevers and flus includes the use of homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements.  These therapies can decrease the intensity of your symptoms and increase your healing time.  And they help to naturally improve your body’s immune response.

The naturopaths at Healing Path can recommend the best products and remedies for your symptoms.  They can coach you in recognizing your symptoms so that you can learn which remedies to select.  And they can help to create an “acute care” protocol for you and your family.  Over time, you’ll have a medicine cabinet full of natural remedies — and you’ll know how to use them!

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