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Would you drink beetroot juice every day if you knew it could improve your heart health? How about taking garlic pills? There are many simple measures like these that can be effective in lowering blood pressure. And uncontrolled elevated blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for heart disease.

Despite advances in surgical procedures and drug therapies, cardiovascular disease has remained the leading cause of death and hospitalization in Canada for over 60 years. The latest statistics from Statistics Canada estimate that one person dies every 7 minutes from a heart attack or stroke in Canada. And each year, more than 350,000 Canadians are hospitalized for heart attack or stroke.

But, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, up to 80% of these deaths are preventable (or can be delayed significantly) by adopting healthy behaviors. And that’s where complementary medicine comes in. If you are concerned about your risk of cardiovascular disease, consider booking an appointment with a naturopath. One of our ND’s at Healing Path will take the time to listen to your full health history and family health history. Dr. Michael or Dr. Rachel will do a full assessment and provide focused recommendations on helping prevent and address cardiovascular disease using nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

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