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At Healing Path we offer integrative breast cancer care.  This means we work alongside your team of oncologists and other care providers as a complement to the care they provide.  Carefully selected naturopathic therapies are used to help to improve response and decrease adverse effects of conventional treatments.

Naturopathic care can help you:

  • assess your risk factors
  • prevent breast cancer or it’s recurrence
  • better tolerate treatment and speed recovery
  • improve longevity and quality of life through a chronic diagnosis

Dr. Rachel tailors naturopathic protocols to your individual needs and abilities.   Her treatment recommendations may include supplements, dietary and lifestyle modification, emotional and spiritual health, and IV therapy.  She believes in informed patient choice and supports you in your decisions.

Dr. Rachel is a certified Healthy Breast Educator.  Along with individual patient care, she offers a unique opportunity for education and healing through the group Healthy Breast Program.

Where are you in your breast cancer journey?

The key to prevention is starting now. Dr. Rachel can help you assess your breast cancer risk. She offers the Healthy Breast Program as a systematic guide through changes you can to help reduce your risk. Either individual care, or the group Healthy Breast Program would be appropriate for you.
Just Diagnosed
Dr. Rachel guides you through your decisions, and will support you in the treatment choices you make.  She offers integrative care throughout your treatment to help to improve outcome and reduce side effects.
In Treatment
Naturopathic protocols can be safely used alongside conventional treatment.  Recommendations include researched dietary, supplement, and IV protocols. They can be used to help improve energy, reduce side effects of treatment, and speed recovery time.
In Recovery
Naturopathic care can help to speed recovery. Once your energy and wellbeing is restored, we can work towards preventing recurrence.  Recovery care is best provided one-to-one.  It can be complimented with participation in the group Healthy Breast Program.
Preventing Recurrence

This is a time in which you can modify factors to reduce chance of recurrence. The Healthy Breast Program can help you to identify possible dietary, lifestyle, environmental and emotional factors that contribute to cancer. It guides you in ways to decrease your risk.   You can choose to participate in the program in one-on-one naturopathic visits, or as part of a supportive group.

Living with Chronic Illness

Naturopathic care helps to improve quality of life and increase longevity.  Strategies are selected according to your needs, goals and abilities.   Either individual patient care or the group Healthy Breast Foundations Program would be appropriate at this stage.

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