Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential place where you can talk about yourself and your life in a way that you cannot do with family and friends. A qualified psychotherapist will listen in a non-judgmental manner to your concerns and use one or several therapeutic approaches in an effort to support you to work through your problems, express feelings, and bring about desired changes. The therapeutic relationship is the foundation of effective psychotherapy and an essential component of the change process. Psychotherapists may also share resources and tools to encourage self-reliance, build hope, and support the client in achieving his or her goals.

Gestalt therapy focuses on the here and now including how the past and future is present with us and how it is being interpreted and integrated by the client. It helps to teach us to slow down and to be present with others and with ourselves. While many therapies look to ‘fix’ the undesirable parts of ourselves, Gestalt Therapy works on awareness and choice surrounding these elements.

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