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The naturopathic doctors at Healing Path are certified in Functional Medicine.

Functional medicine has similar philosophy and principles to naturopathic medicine. However, functional medicine emphasizes the more evidence-based aspects of naturopathic practice. As well, it offers a more systematic framework to address the underlying causes of chronic and complex health concerns like autoimmune disease or chronic fatigue.

Our functional medicine training provided updated research in areas such as:

Mitochondrial function or “energy production”: Mitochondria are the parts of cells that take nutrients and turn them into energy. Nearly every function of the body depends on this process. Mitochondrial function can be impaired by genetics, toxicity, or nutrient deficiency. People with mitochondrial dysfunction often feel tired and may have sore muscles, poor tolerance for exercise, or developmental delays.

Methylation or “detoxification”: The term “methylation” refers to one of the key chemical process that happens in our bodies. Poor methylators often struggle with low mood, poor sleep, hormonal imbalance, or inflammation. As well, almost every autoimmune condition correlates with some degree of impaired methylation.

The Human Microbiome: The term “microbiome” refers to the bacteria found in our bodies. The primary focus is on bacteria found in the digestive system. Bacterial balance has long been recognized for its role in digestive system health. More recently, science is showing strong correlations between the microbiome and mood, anxiety, immune health, inflammation, and even some cancers.

The FM framework also includes more robust laboratory testing. Data gained from functional testing not only helps determine underlying imbalances, but allows us to fine-tune treatment according to your specific needs.

Functional Medicine has been embraced by many MDs as a valuable integrative tool, partly because it is more science and evidence based than some other complementary therapies. Both naturopathic and functional medicine are integrative approaches, meaning that we work alongside your other practitioners as a complement to the care they provide. By adding functional medicine training to our naturopathic practices, we feel better equipped to treat more complex health concerns, and help patients truly address the root causes.

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