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12 Weeks Could Change Your Life!

With a focus on breast health and cancer prevention, this program could be generally called the Women’s Wellness Program.  Information rich, and taught in a relaxed atmosphere, the program is designed to educate and empower women to make positive health decisions.  You will learn essential tips in preventing breast cancer (or its recurrence), and in achieving full body wellness.  You will acquire life-changing information that could help you with hormonal health, and discomforts around menstruation, fertility, menopause, or aging.

If you are a woman, this course is for you!

We open the program with a look at how our bodies work, and review some of the basic strategies that you can begin immediately, to improve your health.  For example, do you know how sleep affects your hormone levels?  Did you know that flax seeds can be used to balance estrogen.  Do you know why exercise is good for you?  Getting to know your body and your hormones (even just a little) will help to inform the decisions you make.  This foundational module sets the stage for all you will continue to learn!

  • Soaps, shampoos, plastics and pesticides can all affect your health.  In the environmental modules you’ll learn how small changes can make a big difference.
  • Wonder what foods to eat?  What supplements to take?  The answer is unique to you!  The modules on diet and supplements will guide you through the use of dietary and supplement modifications to find out what works best to optimize your health.
  • Have you ever considered detoxification?  There are many options out there — but which is right for you?  Learn more about the “why” and the “how to” of detoxification.
  • Feeling well and want to stay that way?  Prevention is key!  Learn about the components of the immune system and how to give it a boost for the prevention of illness!
  • The state of your mind and emotions, as well as your response to stress plays a huge role in how you feel day to day.  Yet, you might find you don’t have the time, knowledge or tools to address your mental, emotional, or spiritual health.   Through the final modules, you will be provided with the tools and the opportunity to re-ignite your life passion and purpose.

Each module includes an educational component, time for discussion, yoga, relaxation, or breathing exercises, and home practice strategies.  Each participant will set their own goals, big or small, and will be guided in ways to achieve those goals.  Many of the tips, guidelines and recommendations could be acquired through individual naturopathic visits, but the group setting in this program allows for valuable discussion time, sharing of strategies, and provides that extra bit of motivation  to enable to you make change.

Interested in the next 12 Module Healthy Breast Foundations Program? Contact us so we can keep you informed about upcoming programs!

Short and Sweet: 1-Day Introductory Workshop Women’s Wellness and Breast Health

Saturday, November 25, 2017  10:00-4:30

Packed full of key excerpts from the Healthy Breast program, this amazing day will include:

  • an overview of women’s health and hormone balancing
  • 12 key strategies for breast health and women’s wellness
  • discussion of simple choices that you can make to minimize exposure to environmental toxins
  • strategies for immune health and detoxification
  • practical tips for healing emotional health and stress response
  • breathing exercises, gentle Kundalini Yoga, and meditations

Includes vegetarian lunch and refreshments | $130


Space is limited.  To register, email info@healingpathcentre.com or call 519-578-7000.

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