Women’s Wellness and Breast Health Workshop

1-day Introductory Workshop  

Saturday, November 25, 2017  10:00-4:30

Packed full of key excerpts from the Healthy Breast program, this amazing day will include:

  • an overview of women’s health and hormone balancing
  • 12 key strategies for breast health and women’s wellness
  • discussion of simple choices that you can make to minimize exposure to environmental toxins
  • strategies for immune health and detoxification
  • practical tips for healing emotional health and stress response
  • breathing exercises, gentle Kundalini Yoga, and meditations

 Includes vegetarian lunch and refreshments | $130


Space is limited.  To register, email or call 519-578-7000.

The 12-Module Healthy Breast Foundations Program

With a focus on breast health and cancer prevention, this program could be generally called the Women’s Wellness Program.  Information rich, and taught in a relaxed atmosphere, the program is designed to educate and empower women to make positive health decisions.  You will learn essential tips in preventing breast cancer (or its recurrence), and in achieving full body wellness.  You will acquire life-changing information that could help you with hormonal health, and discomforts around menstruation, fertility, menopause, or aging. Topics include:

  • understanding hormones and their role in your health
  • assessing your breast cancer risk
  • nutritional and lifestyle strategies for hormone balance and breast health
  • environmental factors and empowering solutions
  • spiritual and emotional aspects of health
  • creating your Personal Health Plan

Price is $45 for an individual module, $120 for 3 modules, or $400 for all 12 modules.

Limited funds?  Subsidized space is available.  Please ask for details.

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