Author: Dr. Rachel VandenBerg, ND

Join the October Healthy Breast Challenge

Join Dr. Rachel and thousands of women around the globe, in the October Healthy Breast Challenge! Practice the daily tips to improve your breast health.  Share the tips with family and friends to help increase education and decrease global breast cancer risk. Click here to check out upcoming Healthy Breast Events in KW, or to sign up for the...

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Breast Cancer and Sugar

Does eating sugar cause cancer? A quick google search will lead you to two very different opinions on this question. Let’s take a look at what happens when we eat sugar. And hopefully, this explanation will help things make a little more sense.

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Naturopathic Medicine Week

It’s Naturopathic Medicine Week. Here are some interesting facts about naturopathic medicine and NDs. Know someone struggling with health concerns? Pass this on. A naturopathic approach might be just what they need.

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Flax Seeds and Breast Health

Flax seeds are beneficial in 2 main ways: Flax Seeds Contain Beneficial Lignans. The first is that they contain compounds called lignans, which are phytoestrogens. This means that they can act like estrogen in the body.

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Balance Your Hormones for Breast Health

Your hormones play a significant role in your breast health. This is great news for anyone wanting to prevent cancer (or its recurrence) because hormone levels are something you can often control. Let’s start at the beginning. Hormones are tiny messengers…

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Happy Healthy Periods

Do you dread “that time of the month”? Or wonder when to expect it next? Are your periods are painful, heavy, early, late or just plain unpredictable? Do you experience irritability, headaches, or insomnia in the days leading up to your flow? If so, your body is trying to tell you something.

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