Author: Dr. Michael Torreiter, ND

Fish Oil’s Confusing Headlines

One of my roles as a naturopath has become helping my patients make sense of contradictory online nutritional recommendations. The latest headlines to confound are about fish oil.

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Cauliflower Poppers

These cauliflower poppers can be enjoyed immediately as a side dish, or cooled and eaten as a tasty snack anytime.   Ingredients 1 large head of cauliflower, cut into small bite-sized pieces 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp chili powder salt and pepper to taste Directions Preheat oven to 400 deg cels Sprinkle herbs on the cauliflower pieces in a medium-sized bowl Brush on the olive oil liberally. Stir to coat evenly Distribute cauliflower pieces into a deep pan and bake in oven for 10 minutes Stir cauliflower pieces and bake for 10 more minutes....

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How a Music Festival Reduces Stress – And How it Doesn’t

As a healthcare practitioner, I always look for practical ways to reduce the impact of stress on my patients. Could a summer music festival be part of the solution? I definitely had fun last weekend, but I was exhausted afterwards. So was the festival good for my health and my stress level?

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How Can Stress Overload Lead to Disease?

When I was a kid, I had a persistent case of eczema on both of my hands.  Eczema is a common inflammatory skin condition that causes itchiness, a variable rash, and sometimes blistering. I remember slathering hydrocortisone cream on and wrapping both my hands …

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Near Perfect Bar

(40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats)  It’s a real challenge to find a snack bar that is low in sugar that also palatable. Here’s a recipe that has less sugar than most, is easy to make and tastes great. Thanks to the folks at Precision Nutrition! ½ cup organic molasses, maple syrup or agave nectar (may need slightly less is you use agave.  Warning – molasses is a strong flavour!) ½ cup organic (raw if possible) nut or seed butter (e.g., hemp seed, peanut, cashew, almond, macadamia, etc.) ¾ to 1 cup vanilla or unflavored protein powder ¾ to...

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Need some healthy snack ideas? Look no further…

Not everyone requires well-timed snacks to stick to their eating plan.  But if you find yourself tempted to finish off a bucket of ice cream while you microwave some popcorn instead of cooking some veggies and chicken for dinner, you may want to consider a mid-afternoon healthy snack.

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A Change to Your Supplements

Nestle, “the world’s largest food and beverage company”, recently sealed a deal to buy Atrium Innovations, a major Canadian nutritional supplements maker. This is concerning to us, as it includes several of the brands we carry in our dispensary and frequently prescribe…

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