Our environmental commitment is important to every aspect of the business, from renovations and design to our approach to treatment.

The Renovation

We considered our environmental impact in all aspects of renovating our new space. Our Nadurra bamboo flooring is FSC-certified with zero-formaldehyde glues. The Forest Stewardship Certification means the bamboo has been harvested from forests monitored for the protection of endangered species, pesticide use, economic sustainability, and respect for workers’ rights. Our roller blinds are made from PVC-free fabrics from ProMark Windows and Blinds. The paints are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), purchased from Swanson’s Home Hardware. Our construction supplies were FSC-certified or reclaimed when possible. The coffee table is made from reclaimed wood by Ted Torreiter; the sauna bench made from reclaimed wood by Rich Vanden Berg.

The Design

Healing Path is designed to allow visitors to experience nature as a healing force. The rooms are organized according to Five-Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine – wood, water, earth, metal and fire. Each room has a design feature that depicts the element, such as birch poles in the wood room, corrugated steel in the metal room, and the clay wall in the earth room. Plants, water features and artwork were all chosen to remind us, as practitioners, and you, as patients, that nature has an inherent healing ability.

The Office Systems

Staff at Healing Path are all encouraged to reduce waste by recycling, using less paper, and composting organic waste. All lighting fixtures use energy efficient lightbulbs, either LED or CFLs. Our Uptown Waterloo location makes it possible for clients and staff to choose sustainable transportation options such as cycling, bussing or walking.

The Treatment Approach

Principles like biodiversity and ecological adaptation help make ecosystems more resilient under stress. Our naturopaths at Healing Path take these principles and apply them to your treatment plan so that when you encounter stress you can bounce right back.

Our clinic will continue to evolve as we deepen our understanding of environmental issues and its strong link with health. We will continue to look for ways to enhance your experience of nature and to decrease our ecological footprint. We are always open to suggestions!

Sustainable Waterloo Region

We’re proudly committed to working with Sustainable Waterloo Region to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as a member of the Regional Carbon Initiative.

We at Healing Path Centre have always valued being a member of the Waterloo Region Community and we are always looking for ways to participate in that community through responsible citizenship, including a commitment to the environment.

With this, we are thrilled to tell you about a new opportunity that supports our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Healing Path Centre has become an observing member of Sustainable Waterloo Region with the Regional Carbon Initiative. With this commitment, we have joined a community of over 40 organizations throughout the region working together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Waterloo Region is a not­-for-­profit that advances the environmental sustainability of organizations across Waterloo Region through collaboration. The current work of Sustainable Waterloo Region is focused on the Regional Carbon Initiative, which facilitates voluntary target-­setting and reductions of carbon emissions while providing members with the networks, resources and support necessary to do so.

For more information about Sustainable Waterloo Region please click here.

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