Healing Path Centre for Natural Medicine is a multidisciplinary health clinic located in uptown Waterloo. It is co-directed by naturopathic doctors Michael Torreiter and Rachel VandenBerg.

Inspired by Nature

If you’ve ever felt energized by a breath of crisp autumn air, a quiet moment in an old growth forest, a ray of sunshine on your face or the feel of rich nourishing soil beneath your feet, you have experienced the healing power of nature. At Healing Path we recognize the healing power of nature and believe that time in nature is essential for health. This belief served as the inspiration for the design of our clinic.

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the sound of a gurgling brook. Although actually an indoor water feature, we like to think that if you close your eyes you might just be able to imagine yourself by a mountain stream. Continuing through, you’ll notice that each of our five treatment rooms is designed around a feature which brings in an element of nature.
As a further theme we tied in the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine because it so beautifully depicts the interconnection of all living things and illustrates the importance of balance and interdependence. Ecologically, there exists an interdependence between plants, animals, air, water and the sun. Similar relationships exist within the human body in the connections between organ systems and in the connections between the body, mind and soul.

Healing Path Centre at Carespace

Carespace, 564 Weber St. N. Unit 12

Rooms at the Centre

Earth Room

Features a wall made of American Clay. As its name suggests, it is coated in real clay — tinted, moistened, applied and left to dry.

Fire Room

Home to our infrared sauna — a therapeutic place to relax, rejuvenate and cleanse.

Metal Room

features a wall of recyclable corrugated steel.

Wood Room

Features a wall of birch poles and a ledge of ferns to create a forest-­like feel.

Water Room

Features a tile wall, fish aquarium, and glass orb “bubbles” containing dioramas.

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